Chief Executive Officer

Dr.Muhammad Ali (CEO) and entrepreneur, founded Newcastle Group of Colleges in response to the changing needs of the workplace. It was part of his commitment to provide adults with the further and higher education

The times have changed, but our objective has remained the same – to help people enhance their lives through education. Together we will keep working to fulfill our vision, improve the lives of our students and strengthen our communities.

We are proud to provide students access to quality education, ongoing support and a range of resources to help them succeed. Through innovation and dedication we can continue to work toward a better tomorrow. We invite you to learn about our Colleges and see how we can help you pursue your education and follow your dreams.

An innovative approach to education

As an institution always focused on the needs of an learner population, our Instructional Framework reflects the instructional strategies most important for this population.

Newcastle was founded upon the vision of making education more available, even if you’re a professional with a full time commitment to work and family. Through areas such as the learner’s need to know, self-concept, experience, readiness to learn, orientation to learning and motivation. These characteristics influence the instructional design process – shifting our framework from content-driven to context-driven and reinforcing relevant application to the real world.

Developed by faculty who are practitioners in their field, our curriculum integrates academic theory, lifelong learning and professional practice – and is designed to support the needs of adult learners. We strive to help students develop relevant skills that can be easily applied to their current work and life experiences. Although you might not be on campus, you’re never alone. We’re here to guide you from enrollment through graduation.


Dr. Muhammad Ali

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